About Us

Established in 1918, Bagby has been a proven leader in the construction industry, maintaining professionalism and integrity in sales, specifically lighting. In 2023, Bagby has been given the opportunity to evolve, working with a select group of property owners. We are developing methods, alliances, and processes to minimize the complications inherent in the current construction and ownership model for areas that need improvement. The focus is simplicity, to allow for faster monetization and minimized TCO of properties.

We are initially focusing on two areas of improvement that have the greatest variable impact: Lighting and HVAC. Our customers are the owners, our allies are the designers, property managers, and installers.

Lighting should be simple, let’s make it that way, together. The current state of the lighting business is complicated by intentional political layers and alliances that add delays and unnecessary costs into the model, while also stifling creativity and real innovations.

There are ways to bypass and make things better, BAGBY knows how all the systems and relationships work. That knowledge will help the owner get what you want, not just what the industry offers.

BAGBY has been asked to add an HVAC division to address the needs of that industry. The HVAC industry has matured and simplified issues ranging from design to installation.

BAGBY AC will be focused on innovative solutions to promote better system and environmental conditions, specifically post installation maintenance, extending product life.